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Let Me Show You the RIGHT WAY to Do Facebook Ads...
How We Get More Qualified Paying Leads in Less Than 6 Days for Our Clients!
What Is In It For You?
  • We will create your Facebook ads in your account and get you leads and appointments.
  •  We will create your funnels, landing pages and help optimize your funnels to help you get the most appointments and applications(leads) possible.
  •  We will sit down together and come up with a marketing plan and set some weekly goals.
  •  We will do the branding.  Design your imagery, and edit your videos so that we can capitalize your market.
  • We will set up some strategy calls so that we can hold you by the hand step by step to help you reach your weekly sales targets.
  • We will set a targeted CPA we want to stay below of, and make optimization methods to keep CPAs within a steady range rotating our offers and content.
Higher Opt-in Rates!  MORE Sales!
We are not just any agency that focuses on getting clicks.  Or even just leads for that matter.  We understand that clients need to make a "Return on Investment."  Therefore, we focus on sales.  What we do that is different is we help our clients get "Quality Leads" by implementing a strategy that gives them their ideal avatar.  We measure the entire structure of the system dealing with leads, applications and appointments up until the sales conversation.  From there we assess our numbers and percentages and it helps us learn better more about what we should optimize in our marketing campaigns to help them get better sales.

Any other agency will only deliver the cheap leads and won't actually measure anything more than that.  Cheap leads does not equal cheap sales and what we have discovered is often the cheapest leads are the lesser quality ones...
-------------- THIS IS FOR YOU IF? ----------------
☑ You would like to generate more quality leads into your business... 
☑ You DON'T HAVE TIME to spend hours working on your marketing and need someone else to manage it so that you can focus on growing your business.
☑ You may have tried other agencies in the past and they may have gotten you good results but eventually it started to not work anymore!
☑ You're always hitting cold traffic, and winging it when it comes to Facebook advertising!
Check Out How We Systematize the Lead Process
When we deliver YOUR LEADS to you.  We will send them as an SMS/Email Notification FIRST.  Then also we will automatically INPUT them into an Excel Spreadsheet on Google Drive!  We love keeping everything nice and organized for you for better tracking!
SMS/Email Follow-Up To Your Lead
We will send SMS/Email reminders to your leads keeping the conversation flowing until you have them booked into an appointment or have chatted with them on the phone call.  This helps establish a strong powerful relationship and helps you get ahold of your prospects. 
Directly Into a Scheduled Appointment
We will push leads into an automated booking calendar where we will send follow ups directly to a scheduled appointment that will amplify your "show-rates"
Screenshot of My Client's Booked Appointments!
1,087 Leads at $1.53 CPA
298 Leads at $2.75 CPA!
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