Hundreds of Testimonials Below

JSP used the AIDA formula to build relationships with his market before pitching his service to them.  Resulting in sold out memberships!

Tracey ran our Facebook ads and generated "tons" her ideal clients into her bootcamps.

Former UFC Fighter and Best Selling Author Joe Brammer tells you how we helped her generate the cheapest and most leads possible for his franchises.

Becs ran ads to build a audience in her Facebook page, gave them value and build trust then ran 12 week high ticket programs.  Resulting in booking out her spots in the first few days.

Brett owns a Martial Arts studio and got tons of enrollments into his business using our Facebook ads.  Here's what he had to say!

Lynton launched short term and long term programs and generated the most amount of leads he has ever seen!  Resulting in shutting off the ads to catch up on the demand.

Even during a long COVID lockdown Fred tells you how we helped saved his business from going under and allowed him to be able to serve his clients generating him volumes of leads and appointments in which he sold.

Chiraag has been with us since 2014, and has thus scaled his business to AMAZING heights.  He's build a reputative brand, and has thus generated him thousands of clients over the years.

Neil Godly's message below...

Robbie's message was meant to be in front of people who are powerlifting and may be suffering from injury.  We were able to address pain points in our copy and put the ads in front of his ideal customers resulting in his business blowing up generating tons of leads and sales through his Facebook marketing.  

John was able to limit his spending and get the best return on investment.  

Ian catered to clients who were runnings and possibly suffered from an injury.  We were able to use the AIDA principle to get his ideal client who was a runner and who was injured and build a TON of trust to get them registered for his programs resulting in him being fully booked with customers each time we did a launch.

Dana grew from 1 Yoga studio to 2 locations and a strong online presence.  She generated 144 members in just 3 days from the 12 week challenge we ran for her.  We strategized a method for delivering value to people through the AIDA principle and she was able to close a lot of her leads through our ads.

Jay Dang scaled his business from 1 location to 5 locations and an online business using the AIDA principle and continue to grow even during a pandemic.

Russell owns a gym in Scotland and asked us to switch off his ads because he was getting too many leads.  Not only was it getting leads but he was getting high quality leads that wanted to buy his services.

These are Dave's comments below.

These are Dave's comments below.

Jay talked about the amount of leads we've generated him in such a short period of time due to the message we had put in front of his ideal market even in a fatigued highly competitive audience we were able to generate very affordable lead costs.

Dr. Wander caters to people who have type 2 diabetes and cognitive decline patients and grew his practice so fast he has to hire more agents to assist him with his appointments.  

Lyndsey tells you about how we helped her grow her business and coached her along the way with her systems, sales process, and accountability.

Will is a great friend of mine and former Marine who I had the honor of helping him with his fitness business drive more leads and more sales to help him grow!

Nick talks about how we've generated thousands of leads for less than $1 per lead for his business, while driving his car at the same time.  lol.

We helped Marla grow her Personal Training business and coached her about the sales process and setting appointments.  

In just 3 short weeks of starting with us Ramezy generate more high ticket clients than he has ever had before.  

We helped Kristy scale her business and generating over $200k gross from an $11k ad spend.  

Law Payne has generating multiple 8 figures with his online businesses, is apart of the 8 comma club with Russell Brunson's click funnels and talks about how the funnels we helped them build played a role in that.

Nathalie runs an online nutritional transformation program and we applied the AIDA principle to help her double her business and lead acquisition rate to less than $1 leads.

Ben owns a fitness studio in Canada and his ROI within the first 2 months was 2,942%.  

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  • The two primary funnels we use to help our clients get the 40%+ opt-ins on their funnels.
  • High-Ticket Sales Copywriting we use in all of our follow ups and nurturing sequences that helps clients get better show rates to their appointments.
  • How we prequalify leads and drip them into pipelines!
  • ​How we are able to keep a steady and consistent lead flow focusing on keeping the CPA within a certain number without.
  • ​The specific marketing formula we use to help our clients build relationships with their audiences.

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We generated over 1,150 leads for Nick in Just 30 Days!
All of this came from the engagement we ran for him to build his brand!
We generated thousands of leads and made our client  Jay Dang millions of dollars
We generated hundreds of leads for a local martial arts school in less than 30 days!
We generated thousands of leads for Fitness Business with a consistent CPA of about $2 per lead!
We generated hundreds of leads for one of our clients who offers people treatment for Diabetes, & Thyroid.